Fashion In The 1960s

Fashion In The 1960s

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From Mary Quant to Mods and Rockers, this is a colorful illustrated history of the most revolutionary decade for British fashion in the twentieth century: the 1960s.

Perhaps more so than any other decade, the Sixties had the broadest impact on the twentieth century Western world. Across society, culture, and the arts, youth voices rose to prominence and appeared to have the greatest influence in new fashions and trends. Mature polished elegance was replaced by young liveliness as the fashionable ideal. Although only the most daring young followers of fashion wore the tiny miniskirts and borderline-unwearable plastic and metal outfits publicized in the press, stylish and smart fashion was increasingly available to all, with an emphasis on self-expression taking precedence over outward conformity. New style icons such as the teenage model Twiggy combined girl-next-door looks with trendy outfits that felt both aspirational and accessible, whilst popular culture, be it music or screen, heavily influenced mainstream fashion. In this beautifully illustrated book, fashion historian Daniel Milford-Cottam offers a concise guide to the changing styles and trends across the decade, which are vividly brought to life by a range of stunning images.

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