Large Unicorn Balloon Money Bank - Rainbow With Pink Flowers


We’ve gone cre-a-tive with our large unicorns too!

Our super popular magical creature now also comes with its entire body covered in flowers. The permanent, holographic (i.e the change color when you look at them from different angles) vinyl flower stickers are cut in-house and then applied 1-by-1 by hand. It’s a mother of a job alright but the result is totally worth it. Because they are handmade no two flower unicorns can be exactly the same. But, trust us, each one of them is over-the-top gorgeous.

Design: Natasha Ho Color: Rainbow w/Pink Flowers

Material: high-gloss, electroplated ceramic

Packaging: gift box with Styrofoam inner casing

• Unicorn-shaped penny bank for kids, teens, and adults who refuse to grow up

• Combines the idea of balloon animals with your favorite magical creature

• Sadly comes with no magical powers other than to safely store your savings

• Handmade using toxic-free paint and materials so it’s safe for kid