Florio Fragrance Oval Gift Set



  • Florio Shower Gel 250ml

The delicate bouquet of Sicilian spring flowers in a pure liquid glycerine body wash. Translucent and jewel-toned, the gel foams in the bath and lathers in the shower for every-day indulgence.

  • Floria Shampoo one hundred millimeters

Richly, woody and evocative.
shampoo available in Ortigia's exclusive Sicilian scents

  • Florio Handcream one hundred millimeters

thick protective cream with olive oil and lanolin and the fresh Narcissus perfume.

The tube is perfect for the handbag!

  • Florio Olive Oil Single boxed soap 40g

A classically luxurious olive oil soap with the clean, breezy scent of Sicily's spring flowers.
Nourishing to the skin with olive oil and milk protein, and natural colours.