Palm Springs Style Gardening


By Maureen Gilmer

A full-color guide to the plants that thrive in desert areas, with detailed instructions and tips on how to design, create, and nurture your own desert garden. This book blends numerous areas of interest: • A basic how-to of desert gardening: heat, soils, water, and wind.•

An exploration of Palm Springs architecture from Spanish to mid-century modern and how outdoor gardens are made to work with these styles • detailed presentation of the plants that will thrive here under ordinary care, and are naturally adapted to the dry climates of Australia, Mexico, Africa and South America.

Rather than group plants by trees, shrubs, and perennials, as most books are laid out, Palm Springs Gardening organizes plants according to their botanical associations and their aesthetic ones—so readers go straight to the kinds of plants they find most appealing. The author also considers the aesthetic vernacular of local architecture and the plants that are best used with each one.