Saguaro Society Vinyl Sticker

Are you the number one fan of the 50 ft, spiky legend, the Saguaro? Do you often find yourself basking in its glory, taking in its many arms and rich green exterior? Well, then you are eligible to become a member of the Saguaro Society, an exclusive club for only the most dedicated Saguaro lovers! Don’t miss this opportunity to join, you’ll be the envy of all your friends! • Case pack includes twelve (12) vinyl stickers. • Sticker size is approximately 2.7 x 3 in. • Each sticker is printed on thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects the sticker from scratching, moisture, and sunlight. • Stickers ship without retail packaging, unless otherwise requested. Please note that in larger orders, stickers requiring retail packaging may take longer to ship. • Copyrig