What's Next: The Unofficial Fan's Guide To The West Wing

Go behind the scenes of the TV show that took us into the inner sanctum of the most powerful building in the world.

It has been over twenty years since the show premiered, but the love for this iconic show is alive and well.
 Go behind the scenes of The West Wing and figure out which staffer you are. Evaluate the merits of some Big Block of Cheese proposals, to see if it’s worth spending tax-payers money on a wolf-only superhighway (a steal at only $900 million!).
 Make the finest muffins and bagels with Josh and get some life lessons from Leo. Be initiated as a junior staffer, with tasks like making popcorn and tips on how not to bring down the communication system with a recipe for raisin bran muffins. Let Sam share his tips on how to write birthday messages and take lessons from Charlie on the best way to prank a Press Secretary.
 As well as the fan fiction-y elements above, this book includes season overviews, episode guides, cast profiles, and more: a celebration of the The West Wing’s legacy, tailored to all those who have lemonlyman.com bookmarked on their browsers.