10 Pool Floats That Elevate Your Instagram Aesthetic

Summer is usually a time for pool parties, barbecues and a trip to the beach (or lake depending on where you’re from). In any case, summer always brings with it the opportunity for a perfect Instagram post showing just how much fun you’re having. And we don’t blame you. Who doesn’t want to remember the feel of the summer sun, the taste of a refreshing cocktail, and the way you look in that bathing suit you spent all spring looking for. 

That brings us to the question, did you think of how you were planning on capturing the moment during your summer soirees? Well, let's take some advice from the one and only Margot Robbie.

This moment of her floating in her pool has the laid-back elegance and retro-cool that works for British Vogue and a perfect Instagram moment. 

Let's analyze why this works so well. First, Margot Robbie would look great in basically any photo at any moment in her life. But, there is another reason the photo above achieves such elegance and evokes that sense of relaxation we associate with summer. It's the pool float beneath her!

The pool float is a simple product. It is PVC filled with air and yet, somehow since its invention, has embodied the most desired summer luxury—leisure. For that very reason, we believe it is possible to recreate your own version of this Margot Robbie photo and evoke the same feelings.

Now onto the list -

If you want to copy and paste Margot Robbie's image, she is pictured above with the new Vintage Lie-On Call of The Wild float. 

Vintage Lie-On Call of the Wild Pool Float


A timeless float that uses a laminated cotton (hello 1970s), its pink and orange leopard print makes it modern and sophisticated. 

For those with a twinkle in their eye and a sparkle on their feed, we recommend the Glitter Holographic Lilo Chair


Glitter Holographic Lilo Chair


Simple, eye-catching, and comfortable to sit on. You are sure to dazzle your followers with the shimmer that radiates from this design.


Glitter Holographic Lilo Chair 

For those of you who have a bit of a wild side and find yourself taking more photos of your cocktails than anything else, you might like this Rosé Bottle Lie-On Float


Rose Bottle Lie-on Pool Float


Pink with a bit of sparkle and a whole lot of summer day drinking vibes, this float pairs nicely with an actual glass of rosé and your favorite pair of sunglasses. 


Rose Bottle Lie-On Pool Float


Speaking of sunglasses, if you’ve collected a hundred pairs of shades and can’t help but plan your outfits around the perfect pair of sunnies (á la Elton John or Emma Chamberlain) we suggest you look at this Cat Eye Lie-On Pool Float

Chic, retro and perfect for a photograph with a friend, we think this pool float screams summertime. 


Cat Eye Glasses Pool Float


For those of you with an instagram feed that basically looks like the phrase “sunshine and rainbows” threw up, this Rainbow Lie-On Pool Float is for you.


Rainbow Lie-On Float


This float is the elevated version of any rainbow float that preceded it with the pink and orange scheme that has been trending all summer long. We think an aerial photograph with this float will look best. 


Rainbow Lie-On Pool Float


For those with a bit more edge and a Rock n’ Roll lifestyle to boot, we recommend you take a look at The Rolling Stones Collection. This limited collection from Sunnylife takes the iconic Rolling Stones logo and makes it summer ready.

The Rolling Stones Glitter Pool Ring


The Rolling Stones Glitter Pool Ring


The Rolling Stones Black Pool Ring


The Rolling Stones Black Pool Ring


The Rolling Stones Sit-On Float

The Rolling Stones Sit-On Pool Float


We say choose the one that best fits your style and wear your favorite black or red bathing suit.

And for our final pick of floats we think you should consider for your Margot Robbie moment, we chose these oversized pool rings from &Sunday. Simple, elegant, and contemporary, these floats are the perfect partner for any lounge by (or in) the pool moment. 

Bubbles Oversized Pool Ring


Bubbles Oversized Pool Ring


Curves Oversized Pool Ring


Curves Oversized Pool Ring


Shapes Oversized Pool Ring


Shapes Oversized Pool Ring


Spring Oversized Pool Ring


Spring Oversized Pool Ring

These oversized pool rings are not just pretty, they are also durable. Made with a thicker PVC, they almost feel like canvas, making them a great option for those of you who want the photo opportunities to last a bit longer. 

Whatever your sense of style, we think these pool floats give you the best opportunities to achieve that effortless-cool aesthetic that inspired this post. Let us know which float you choose to capture your summer with and tag us (@bjustfabulous) in your Instagram posts that follow!

And don’t forget… 

Don’t just be, be just fabulous! 

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  • Steven Kovacs

    I love all of these!
    I’ll contact you when I’m in PS for Coachella 2022 (fingers crossed!) and pick-up 2-3 floats then.

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